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Foundation and Block Repair

Don't overlook foundation problems – act now with G. Gardner Concrete & Waterproofing, Inc. Our specialized foundation repair services encompass addressing bowed and buckling walls, repairing cracks, fixing house foundation blocks, and reinforcing walls through core-filling for enhanced strength and stability. Trust our expertise to ensure a durable and safe foundation for your property. Additionally, we excel in garage block repairs, providing comprehensive solutions to secure the structural integrity of your entire property. Invest in the longevity of your foundation with G. Gardner Concrete & Waterproofing, Inc.


Based on the extent of the foundation damage, our specialists might suggest core filling as a solution for repairing your block foundation. We will utilize a concrete grout mix, pumping it into the cores of the foundation blocks to enhance strength and provide additional support.

Wall Resurfacing

We specializes in comprehensive resurfacing solutions for both interior and exterior walls. Our process involves removal of loose cement, pre-patching of deep holes, and secure attachment of galvanized wire lath using nails and screws. Lastly,  we apply two coats of type S Resurfacer, concluding with a sand float finish for an appealing appearance.

Block and Crack Repair

Over time, your foundation blocks, including those in the garage, may deteriorate due to water or salt exposure. Our comprehensive services involve resurfacing the blocks and repairing any cracks. Additionally, if the blocks are too extensively deteriorated, we will replace them as needed for a thorough and effective restoration.

Wall Replacement

In cases where the foundation blocks have deteriorated to the extent that they compromise the stability of your home, complete wall replacement becomes a necessary consideration. When the structural integrity of the walls is beyond repair, it poses significant risks to the stability and safety of the entire structure. Our expert team assesses the condition of your home's foundation, determining if replacement is the most viable solution.

Close up of foundation wall replacement
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