Dry Out Your Basement for Good

Enjoy a Dry Basement With Our Waterproofing Services

Are you tired of having a wet basement whenever there is a storm? Avoid the backbreaking work and expense of bailing water and replacing carpets and other items with professional waterproofing services.
Rely on the experts at G. Gardner Concrete & Waterproofing. We install drain tile systems to keep your home dry for years to come. Both standard and battery backup sump pumps are available. Our system is GUARANTEED to function for the lifetime of the structure.

Our Professional Method

  • Remove approximately 18 inches of the basement floor around the perimeter and any other trouble areas
  • Excavate a trench to access the bottom of the footing
  • Install a perforated rigid PVC pipe in the trench and embed it in washed rock for drainage
  • Drill weep holes in the block to enable water to escape
  • Install floor edging to guide water into the trench
  • The perforated drainage pipe routes water to a durable PVC basin
  • Install a submersible sump pump in the basin
  • Route an evacuation pipe from the basin to a suitable external deposit area
  • Install a vapor barrier over the drainage trench
  • Replace the concrete floor over the new drain tile
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