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Frustrated with a consistently damp basement when it rains? Turn to G. Gardner Concrete for a dependable solution. Our expertise lies in the installation of interior drain tile systems and addressing corrective grading around foundations, ensuring the long-term dryness of your home.

Drain Tile

While corrective grading is often effective, it may not always be the solution for your home's foundation, especially if you have a high water table or specific soil type. In such cases, we guide homeowners through the options of interior drain tile versus corrective grading to find the best solution for their needs. 

Interior drain tile is installed around the perimeter of your foundation and helps with the drainage of water that is locked inside your foundation blocks. We drill holes into the base of your foundation block so the water will run into a trench that has a perforated pipe installed. If necessary, a sump pump and basket can be installed. The sump pump is then plumbed to bring the water outside of the home into the yard.

Corrective Grading

To address corrective grading, the first step involves the removal of the existing landscaping and sod. Following this, it is necessary to bring in dirt to properly grade and slope the area away from the house, ensuring efficient water drainage. Next, the installation of EPDM rubber and a turn bar towards the house is essential for effective water diversion and protection. This creates a barrier to prevent water from accumulating near the foundation. We then can cover the area with either mulch or river rock. 

basement drain tile for waterproofing

Reasons for Exterior Drain Tile

If your yard is experiencing an overflow of water from neighboring properties due to their higher elevation, you may require an exterior drain tile system, commonly referred to as a Yard Drain Tile. These systems are crucial for preventing water from pooling around your foundation. By diverting water away from your home's foundation, a Yard Drain Tile system can help ensure a dry basement. Additionally, it can redirect water from gutter downspouts, further safeguarding your home from potential water damage. If you think that your yard may benefit from a Yard Drain Tile, our team would be happy to come take a look and talk over your options with you!

Before exteriori drain tile photo of white house


after photo of exterior drain tile of white house


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